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Additional resources for pupils who are working from home:

To find the work that you need to complete at home, please visit each of the subject pages. Here you will find the work that your teachers have asked you to complete. This is being updated regularly, so be sure to check it! Whilst some subjects will not have work for you to complete (e.g. PE), you will find many subjects have work ready for you.

Once you have completed the work, you can find the email address of your teacher on each subject page. You or a parent/carer can email this back to your teacher straight away, who will then provide you with feedback. Please provide your child's name and tutor group in the email.

If you have trouble accessing the work on the website, please contact the school and we will arrange for printed work to be prepared for you. 

To assist children with this work further, teachers will be emailing parents this week to invite them to join in with virtual lessons via Microsoft Teams. At this time, the children will be able  to meet with their teacher and engage with the work that has been set on our website and be able to ask any questions they may have about this. We recognise there are many of our families that do not have access to IT which will allow them  to attend these sessions despite government promises of schools being allocated laptops for some homes. For such families, printed packs are available on request. Please contact the school.


Selwood's Daily Prayers


Use these links to access daily lessons from BBC Bitesize, Selwood Academy and Oak National Academy



Kooth is a web-based confidential support service for young people.

Kooth provides a safe and secure means of accessing mental health and wellbeing support designed specifically for young people.


Supporting Children with ASC

Children do find daily learning routines really helpful. Here are our suggestions:

30 Minutes exercise

See our PE subject page on our website for more ideas.


At least 20 minutes each day. There’s a lot you can do and explore just by reading, which helps develop reading comprehension:

  • Talk about it.
    • Were there words that were unfamiliar? If so, Explore them! What does the dictionary say? (Yes. The internet can help!)
    • What does the word mean and what other words mean something similar?
    • How can you use this word every day? Set a challenge to use it 5 or 10 times per day and make it a competition!
    • Talk about characters and how they must be feeling
    • Take it in turns to read a chapter. You’ll be surprised how much they listen and learn from how you read...
    • Exaggerate the words and make each other laugh!
    • Act out a scene from the book
    • Turn it into a comic strip
    • Make a video of the scene. Who gets the Oscar?!

Focused learning activities

Lesson will be made available through Google Classroom from Monday 11th January. Learning content can also be found for each subject in the Home learning section of the website. These sessions should last from 30 minutes to an hour.

Give free time to relax and play.

Use this time in a way that best suits your children and your family, to help break up the day’s structured activities and provide time to play, explore and be creative.

Here you can find resources and activities that will help support your child as they continue their learning at home.

CGP Books:

Many parents may like to enrich home learning by visiting Here you can find a wide range of educational books with accompanying activities



E-Safety when Learning from Home

It is very important that children continue to keep themselves safe while  online. ThinkuKnow have provided some excellent  resources to help parents and children learn about e-safety. Please have a look below and encourage your children to spend some time on these activities. 

Parent Guides:

Home Learning - Parents guides on E-Safety

Year 5 & 6 Activity Sheet

Year 7 & 8 Activity Sheet


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