As part of Selwood Academy’s 60th year celebrations, we have been researching the history of the school.  We have recently uncovered a time capsule which was placed in our Year 5 block when it was built in 1983.  An 11 year old pupil, Nina Sherrin, won a competition to choose items to place in the box.  As reported by the Somerset Standard at the time, the items included a Rubik’s cube, a magazine, a crisp packet and a dentists mould of her teeth!  We have managed to contact Nina who no longer lives in the area but  was delighted that the time capsule had been found.  “I am happy to think that after all these years I still have a place within the heart of Selwood!  Perhaps my capsule could be hidden again but be joined by one from 2019.  I hope the contents can generate discussion and inspire a new cohort of Middle-schoolers!”

Our pupils certainly were inspired!  They were fascinated by the contents and are now eagerly planning what they will put into their own capsule.