On Tuesday 22 October we held a workshop for parents and pupils.  Many parents often comment that they would like to feel better equipped to support their child’s progress in numeracy at home, and a key aim of this workshop was to move in that direction together. 

We were delighted that so many parents attended and by the feedback we received:


"Very beneficial for both myself and my child.  Thank you for taking the time to put this on"

"Another one please!  I wish I’d had such enthusiastic Maths teachers!

"Very useful to have a refresher in subject matter and to better understand the language used in lessons"

"Great balance of formal learning with fun.  Thanks!"


Our pupils enjoyed it too:


"It helped me to understand Maths better and I like it more now"

"It made me and my mum bond over who’s right or wrong!"

"I thought it was helpful because now I’m ‘thumbs up’ on place value!  Thank you!"

"Very helpful.  Just made my lesson so much easier"