Selwood PTA

All parents/carers of children attending the school are automatically members of Selwood PTA and membership is extended to friends of the school. The closest co-operation between home and school is promoted.

A committee made up of parents/carers and staff meets regularly to plan forthcoming events and discuss current issues. A wider group of parents/carers and staff support such events. The initial meeting in each academic year elects the committee from which officers are then appointed. ‘New’ parents/carers are always welcome.


  • To encourage close co-operation between parents/carers and teachers to ensure the best education for the individual child.
  • To engage in activities which support the school and advance the educational opportunities of the pupils.
  • To enhance the education of the pupils at the school by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities and equipment.
  • To ensure a better understanding of the working of the school.

The PTA are currently funding for various projects across the school, including updating IT equipment and a multi sensory room.

President Headteacher
Chair Emma Milton
Treasurer Tracey Lemon
Secretary Jane Larman

The officers can be contacted through the school office.

Fund-Raising Projects

There are a variety of ways you can become involved with the work of the committee.

  1. Attend committee planning meetings – new members are most welcome
  2. Support at an event
  3. Provide raffle prizes
  4. Provide expertise or materials
  5. Attend and support our events

We really appreciate your help. Please contact reception and leave your name with details how you can offer assistance.

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