We believe the best schools are those who have the highest standards in every aspect of school life, including uniform. All the pupils are required to wear school uniform and parents’/carers’ co-operation in achieving this is greatly appreciated. Obviously we cannot cover every aspect of fashion as trends change but we reserve the right to have the final say regarding pupil appearance.

Details of the school uniform are as follows:

  • Royal blue V-necked jumper, with ‘Selwood Academy’ and the school logo.
  • Clip-on Selwood Academy blue/gold tie.
  • Formal White Shirt*.
  • Black school trousers* or skirts. No skinny jeans, cords, chino’s or drain-pipe type trousers. No Skater skirts. Skirts must be knee-length.
  • Optionally boys may wear black formal shorts* and girls may wear black tailored culottes*.

For items marked *, parents may choose to buy black trousers, white shirts, shorts and culottes from other suppliers such as ASDA or Marks and Spencer, providing they are in line with the Scholars style (eg no drain-pipe trousers).

  • Socks can be grey, black or white. Tights must be black.
  • Sensible leather type black shoes with no logos – not trainers, daps or canvas shoes.
  • In adverse weather boots may be worn to school but must then be changed for shoes.
  • Hats, scarves and coats are not to be worn in the school buildings. A warm, weatherproof coat should be worn if the weather warrants this. No alternatives such as hoodies/sweatshirts or zip up sweatshirts.
  • Hair — Colour should be natural, please, with no extreme fashion styles, no excessive bleached areas of the hair or shaved areas of the head. Long hair should be tied back on grounds of hygiene and safety.
  • Cosmetics must not be worn.
  • Jewellery – The only acceptable jewellery is one stud per ear for pupils who have pierced ears. No other body piercing is acceptable. All jewellery brought to school is strictly at the owner’s risk. A wristwatch may be worn, smartphone watches will, however, be treated as a mobile phone. If a pupil persists in wearing inappropriate jewellery, they will be asked to put it in an envelope with their name on. This can then be collected from reception by a parent/carer.

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