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While working on the musical Hairspray, our plan was to help the cast understand the social, cultural and political background, so that they had a better understanding of the context in which the show takes place. A group of talented pupil artists were invited to draw characters in a style set by Howard. They would then later on create their own improvised advert for Clutch hairspray and record voices to go with their characters. The first animation was going to be used to open the evening and then link in to the Corney Collins show. The aim was to explore examples of civil disobedience that act as a backdrop to the show and thus deepen the experience for the actors and the audience. The second animation using Martin Luther King's famous speech in 1963 was intended to be used at the end of the show so we don't get too carried away with the happy ending vibe from the musical, but remember it was far from the end of the story in regard to achieving equality. The use of pupil drawn characters to replace his image were a way of emphasising this and reminding us that the struggle still goes on today. The show was due to play out with a musical finale, bringing us back to the entertaining purpose of the evening. I think you'll agree they did a great job.

Animation Consultant/filming: Howard Vause 

Concept: Kevin Ross

Animation sequence produced by 

Harvey B, Freyjah A, Maddie H, Poppy-Jo T,  Meave L,  Addy F-T,  Erdis E, Henry B,  Elsa L- H, Yasmine C

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