Bible Stories

Bible stories form an important part of our curriculum at Selwood Academy. Every year our pupils listen to and reflect upon a variety of bible stories linked to our School Christian values and our weekly theme. Below is a map of when our central bible stories are taught over the year. These are linked to our biblical underpinning of ‘Let your Light Shine’ and core Christian values of Hope, Wisdom, Community and Joy. In addition to this we learn about key stories at monumental points in the Christian Calendar such as Easter and Christmas and stories that relate to our weekly theme in collective worship.

We use a bible story as a starting point to engage the pupils and deepen their understanding of Christian values. The stories and bible links give our pupils an insight into Christian values and an opportunity to relate this to their own ideas and experiences both in school and at home. In our collective worship sessions and RE lessons we use images, video clips and objects to reflect on the different elements of the stories and give our pupils the opportunity to re-tell or re-enact the stories themselves. You may choose to share these stories at home with your family to allow your child to deepen their understanding of the Christian values within the story. Click on the links below to find some Bible stories. Once you have read a story, try and think about and discuss some of the following questions with people at home:


  • What is the story about?
  • What is the message in the Bible story?
  • How can you live out the message in the story you have read?
  • Can you explain to someone at home all about the story you read?
  • Can you make a poster showing the message from the Bible story?
  • Which is your favourite story? Why?
  • Who is your favourite person from the Bible? Why?
  • Which Bible stories have you read that are about friendship?
  • Which Bible stories have you read that are about family?


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