English Subject Vision

English at Selwood Academy underpins all other subjects in the curriculum. Through high-quality and challenging text and topic choices, it helps to provoke and answer questions about the world outside of Selwood, encouraging children to develop a greater interest in world issues whilst also developing an understanding of how they can decode these and understand them and interact with them. It fosters an interest in topics, ideas and texts which students may not have had any previous awareness of. It encourages students to identify and challenge bias that they may encounter. Through the teaching of writing, as well as speaking and listening skills, students are encouraged to develop their communication skills, ensuring effective communication in all subject areas, as well as life beyond Selwood. Through engagement with fiction, non-fiction, poetry and drama -students are supported to both analyse and utilise a range of ways to express themselves, take an interest in world-issues and develop a life-long love of literature.

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