PASHE (personal, aspirational, social, health and economics) is an exciting subject taught by tutors across the whole school. It involves exploring and discussing real-life issues in an engaging and creative way. There are also many new links with other subjects such as R&P, Drama, Maths, History and English. Each class will also take part in a community project linked to one of the topics covered through the year. Here is an overview of the topics taught.




Year 5

  • New Beginnings
  • Going For Goals
  • Anti-Bullying Week
  • Good To Be Me
  • Relationships
  • All About Me
  • Getting on and Falling Out
  • Changes


  • Animals and Us; Farm visit and Somerset animal welfare Officer to come into school to do workshops with pupils.
  • Safety; including a visit from Frome fire safety Officer.

Year 6

  • Health and Diet in Selwood
  • The Anne Frank story; This is a literacy project where pupils will read the Anne Frank Story adapted for primary schools, then complete a range of literacy based activities on diversity and discrimination.
  • Sex and Relationships (an introduction)
  • The environment with a focus on animal rights

Year 7

  • The Environment Lifestyles,
  • Drugs and Alcohol education.
  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Sex and Relationships education 
  • Learning to Learn
  • What it means to be British

Year 8

  • Diversity and Discrimination
  • Media
  • Government and Politics
  • Human Rights
  • Disabilities
  • Sex and Relationships education
  • Lifestyles, Drugs and Alcohol education.
  • Learning to Learn Careers
  • What it means to be British
  • Economic Well Being


  • Unders/Overs Project – pupils explore the imaginary world of the Overs/Unders, a world in which brown-eyed people are forced to live underground. In PASHE pupils explore biased media linked to work in Drama, R&P and History.

Whole year group will take part in a mock election, tutors will teach the Government and Politics unit to all tutor groups to help them understand Democracy and how elections work.

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