The Selwood PE department aspires to lay the foundations for life-long participation in sport and physical activity in all of our pupils.

The Curriculum During a child’s four year Selwood journey, they will experience a wide, varied PE curriculum including; athletics, basketball, cricket, dance, gymnastics, health related fitness, hockey, leadership, netball, orienteering, rounders, swimming, tennis and ultimate Frisbee.

Our curriculum not only allows our pupils to develop their physical literacy and confidence, but the fundamental life skills of teamwork, cooperation, creativity, leadership and resilience.

Selwood pupils also learn the importance and value of maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle into their adult lives. 

Extra-curricular opportunities

We offer our pupils an extensive extra-curricular programme which is open to all of our pupils, regardless of their physical ability. The department have worked hard to develop strong links to local sports teams and clubs.



  1. To promote a positive attitude and appreciation towards living a healthy lifestyle.

  2. To develop confidence and self-esteem.

  3. To provide creative and enjoyable experiences to enable pupils to plan, perform and evaluate movement.
  4. To develop an understanding of the principles and practice of a safe environment.
  5. To develop each child’s physical competence and potential.
  6. To understand the factors which develop and maintain physical fitness.
  7. To foster inter-personal skills.
  8. To encourage an appreciation of aesthetic movement.


PE at Selwood is taught as a specialism across the age range by:

  • Mr C Owen – Head of Faculty 
  • Miss L Phillips – Specialist PE teacher 
  • Mr F Sharp – Specialist & feeder school sports co-ordinator
  • Mr A Ellett – Assistant Headteacher/Specialist PE Teacher 

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