Teaching Timetable

All classes are taught in their tutor Groups, receiving one hour per week of discrete computing lessons and further access to PCs as fits into other curriculum programs of study. Lunchtime access is provided for daily homework and 'IT Club' activity sessions.


The four year curriculum is planned in response to the Strategic Framework. It ensures progression and opportunities for a wide experience of programs activities and skills. Wherever possible, activities are cross-curricular and are designed to enhance learning in other subjects. Continuity is maintained by regular meetings with Somerset ICT and courses for ICT leaders, school faculty meetings, cluster sessions, and direct liaison with Oakfield and Frome College.


Evaluation and modification and is continuous throughout the lesson and is a developing skill across the age range. Pupils are taught  to monitor and improve their work as it progresses and teaching staff facilitate this. Longer projects in Key Stage 3 are reflected upon weekly during teacher-pupil discussions, with opportunities for improvement provided throughout. Final assessments are made at the end of the project by the teacher

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