Medications in School


The Academy has reviewed its policy and procedures relating to the administering of medications in school.  It is important that I share this information with you to ensure you are fully aware of the process you should follow.  Please read this letter carefully as it provides you with the necessary information you will require when requesting the Academy assist with your child’s medication during the school day:

Prescribed Medication

  1. All prescribed medication has to be in its original packaging.  We will not accept any medication in any other form
  2. You are required to give written details such as dosages/times etc, and gives us your permission to medicate your child as requested.  Medication has to be in its original packaging.  We will not accept any medication in any other form.
  3. We are not allowed to administer prescribed medication without written information and signed permission in place.  If you send prescribed medication to school without this, we will contact you immediately to complete the necessary forms or make alternative arrangements, eg., to administer the medication yourself.
  4. No child may bring medication to school, this must be delivered by an adult and the handover of medication procedure must take place with a member of staff.
  5. LONG TERM:  If your child is taking prescribed medication for a long term period (over one month) and will need this to be administered during school hours, you will be required to complete a Health Care Plan.
  6. SHORT TERM:  If your child is taking prescribed medication which will need to be administered during the school day on a short term basis, you are required to complete a permission form.  

Un-Prescribed Medication (Over the Counter Medication)

1 If your child requires un-prescribed medication during the school day please refer to points 2 & 4 above.

All medication whether prescribed or not has to be given to a member of staff by an adult.  PLEASE DO NOT GIVE YOUR CHILD ANY MEDICATIONS TO BRING TO SCHOOL.

We will ensure the forms are available on the Academy website for your convenience.  This will enable you to complete them in advance and give to us as soon as you require your child to have medications in school.  Alternatively, you are always welcome to complete the forms in school at the same time as handing over medications.  You are advised to allow at least 10 minutes of your time to go through the necessary hand over with staff coordinating the administering of medications.  

I should remind you that it is your responsibility to ensure the school receives the correct format of written notice/permission to administer medication(s) for your child.  We are however, always willing to provide assistance with completing the Health Care Plan/Permissions forms at any time you require.  

Please contact the school office or your child’s class team to arrange this.  We understand that at times this will be at short notice but the necessary forms are easily accessible and therefore your time spent completing them should be a minimum of 10-15 minutes.  We will endeavour to ensure your waiting time is kept to a minimum.

Your co-operation is very much appreciated.  We hope you will understand that these procedures are put in place to safeguard all concerned.

Melissa Singer
Director of Business & Finance 

Permission Form

You may wish to keep this in a safe place should you require it in the future. Further copies are available from the school.

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