Medications in School

The Academy’s policy and procedures relating to the administering of medications in school contains essential information to read in order to understand the process that should be followed if a pupil requires medication during school hours, as well as some key points to consider to safeguard all involved. Please note, Academy staff are not obliged to administer medication, parents/carers can be called at any time to administer medication themselves if this is deemed necessary.


  1. All medication must be in its original packaging. We cannot accept medication in any other form.
  2. Parents/carers are required to complete a medication permission form, to give written consent as well as details such as dosages/times etc. We are unable to administer any medication without this.
  3. All medication must be delivered to the school reception by a parent/carer and handed over to a member of staff. Pupils must not bring medication to school themselves.
  4. If a pupil requires medication for a long-term period (over one month) to be administered during school hours, parents/carers must complete a medication plan as well as a medication permission form.
  5. Medication can only be administered by academy staff between 10:45am-2:30pm during the school day. Please consider spreading doses of medication (e.g. antibiotics) across the day to account for this and manage medication at home where possible.
  6. The Academy does not administer ‘once a day’ medication for common allergies/hayfever, this should be managed at home e.g. before school starts.
  7. Pupils must be made aware by parents/carers of the times they need to take their medication. The Academy is unable to accept responsibility for any missed medications, including refusal to take medication. We will endeavour to make parents/carers aware of any missed medications but cannot always guarantee this due to the volume of pupils who require medication.
  8. Parents/carers are responsible for suppling further medication when required.
  9. The Academy does not offer an ‘as and when’ provision for medications because we are not in a position to diagnose pupils needs.

It remains the responsibility of Parents/Carers to provide the correct documents required in order for the Academy to be able to administer medication. The necessary forms are available on the academy website as well as at reception for convenience. If parents/carers wish to complete the forms on site we advise that plenty of time is given to complete this fully as well as time to hand over medication. Our staff team are also available to offer support if needed but please be prepared to wait if required.

We appreciate cooperation and understanding of these procedures and support in safeguarding all concerned.

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