Welcome to Selwood Academy – An Anglican /Methodist Foundation Middle school serving the needs of children ages 9 - 13 in years 5 - 8. 

The children at Selwood are a delight and they make coming to school exciting and enriching every day.  As Headteacher I feel very blessed to lead, develop and share their love of learning alongside our dedicated staff teams.

At Selwood we are committed to creating a safe, happy and enriching environment where we all  aspire to thrive, achieve and celebrate success together.  Our aim is to promote the dignity and well-being of every child and staff member and ensure they flourish in the course of their journey with us.

Our Christian foundations ensure that we value each child as unique and special and we dedicate ourselves to ensuring that our children are loved, cared for, challenged and given every opportunity to succeed.  The School is in the very heart of the Frome community and we have a clear vision for the future.

We know our children well and they are proud to share their school with all who visit.  I am told repeatedly that visitors sense the uniqueness of our Ethos from the moment they step through our doors. I actively encourage you to come and visit and see first-hand what a very special school we are.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Mrs Hopegood


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