Fire Service                                                                             

The Somerset Fire Brigade came in to school to undertake a joint visit.  In the first instance they spoke with Year 5 about Fire Safety and then spent time talking to our Year 5's about career paths in the fire service and explaining how diverse various roles can be. 









Politics - Young members of Parliament   



Frome College Visit Selwood Staff and Pupils                  


They came into school to talk about the various pathways and to give some insight into life at Frome College and the various activities and projects available.




Acting as a Career

Actors are professional entertainers who play roles in movies, plays, and television shows.

During your acting career you may move between roles in theatre, TV, film or radio. There are also opportunities to work in new fields like online content or voice acting for games.


Pupils from Selwood performing Mary Poppins and Pupils Trip to London to see Les Mis




Art Career Project                 


A person who creates art (such as painting, sculpture, music, or writing) using conscious skill and creative imagination. the great artists of the Renaissance. an artist specializing in watercolours a person skilled in any of the arts.


Pupils at Selwood exploring their creative potential using formal elements of Art and Design.


Sculptors work in a range of different ways. They might: Sell their work through galleries and exhibitions. Work on private commissions for individuals or organisations.

Most sculptors work in a studio environment that is large enough to accommodate their tools, materials, and finished work. Some sculptors will work in furniture design, interior design, or as an industrial designer. They work in museums, in manufacturing, and in the motion picture industry.

Selwood Art Workshop

Links to Art based Careers:


Author Visit

Selwood children had an Author Visit to talk about their book and what being an Author was like. She shared the process from writing to publishing.



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