At Selwood Drama is taught as an art form that enables young people to think critically, inform, change and entertain. Pupils will develop skills in interpreting, researching, negotiating, problem-solving and decisionmaking. Drama also can help them to develop a variety of communication skills. From Year 5 pupils are taught that Drama is ‘serious fun’; a learning tool which engenders team work, encourages enquiry, and provides the platform for the development of self-confidence and personal growth within their social group. The emphasis is always on becoming positive members of the community. This culminates in our Year 8 teaching programme in which classes devise projects both for and with community groups within Frome.

There are also a variety of opportunities for young people to participate in theatre through the year. Our main annual focus, however, is our involvement in the national Shakespeare for School’s Festival in November (this year we are performing Hamlet) and in June we will be staging a full scale musical production, the title of which we will be announcing in October.

Our annual musical production takes place over four nights at the Merlin theatre. We believe that this provides young people a unique opportunity to perform in a professional environment, while creating the highest expectations of them as performers. Working across the year groups, we find that children form a special bond and we see them grow in terms of confidence and self-esteem. In fact, as a result of their involvement, we find that many have gone on to study Drama at college and beyond and become regular performers in the community.

Our performance philosophy is to strive together to be the best that we can be and to provide experiences that will astonish our audiences, while being true to ourselves!

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