Letting your light shine through our Curriculum


Our curriculum allows pupils ‘light to shine’. We have a broad curriculum which allows pupils to find the areas that enable them to flourish. Pupils engage in high quality lessons and enrichment opportunities providing them with chances to see the difference they can make on themselves and the world around them. We aim for all pupils within our community to be happy, safe and ready to give back to the world. We enable all pupils to feel challenged, valued and inspired as they undertake their learning journey at Selwood.

Spirituality flows through all areas of the curriculum. We have opportunities to ‘Look in’, ‘Look out’ and ‘Look up’. This can vary between different subject areas and the concepts being taught.

Pupils will be given chances to ‘Look in’ at their own performance for example looking at notions like self-discipline, marginal gains, self-confidence and develop the skills to empower themselves in their learning journey and by acting on feedback they will develop themselves further and reach their highest potential.   

In other areas of the curriculum, we have opportunities to ‘Look out’. Our broad and aspiring curriculum inspires pupils to change the way we look after our school, organise events to raise money for charities or campaign something meaningful to them.  Our curriculum also enables pupils to work with the community and have a positive impact on our local surroundings.

Finally, our curriculum provides us with spiritual moments where we ‘Look up’. We do this in a variety of ways including looking at the wider world through nature and Art and human experiences that impact our lives as well as looking up to our Heavenly Father. 

Throughout our curriculum we want pupils to develop spiritually whilst considering the following:

How do I become a good person?

What is my connection to the world around me?

Do things happen for a reason?

How can I live my life in the best way possible?

If you would like to know more about our church school distinctiveness please visit our church school page.



We nurture and develop kind, caring and considerate young people. Our curriculum purposefully imparts wisdom, nurtures talent and encourages pupils to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners. We enable every bodies’ light to shine and empower them to be their best and nothing less.  

We take a precise approach to designing our curriculum and each subject designs an experience for pupils that:

  • is vertically sequenced, reinforcing and building upon prior knowledge.
  • it is logical, presented in an order that makes sense, getting gradually more challenging and helps students avoid forgetting what they have learnt and goes beyond the requirements of the national curriculum. 
  • is knowledge, experience and opportunity rich, building both substantive and disciplinary knowledge, as well as the individual as a whole.
  • is aspirational whilst still differentiated. It stretches pupils, who regularly think hard around big issues.
  • develops the individual to prepare them to be literate, numerate and successful in the next phase of their education, encouraging curiosity, independence and responsibility.
  • is relevant to them, as well as the evolving world and workplace. 
  • responds to pupils’ concerns.
  • will achieve high levels of retained knowledge.


These points confirm for us when a subject has got it right and is a key factor in our continuous curriculum review and development.

For individuals where the curriculum does not meet their needs, we offer high levels of individualisation and personalisation.

Our core Christian values underpin our curriculum. Our curriculum content, teaching approaches and rewards systems recognise and promote the following core learner characteristics:

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