Osfted Inspection Report

SIAMs Inspection

KS2 (SATs) Performance tables:


Progress from year 5 to 8:

The national tests (SATs) at the end of year 6 are an important measure of attainment and progress for every primary and middle school in the country. Whilst this helps us understand the progress that has been made at KS2, our core purpose as a middle school is to help young people achieve their full potential during the four years they spend with us. For this reason, we closely monitor the progress of each pupil from year five to year eight.


"We know from published performance data that pupils at middle schools, on average, have lower progress scores at the end of key stage 2 than pupils at primary schools. Also, due to the age range of pupils at middle schools, pupils will have only attended a middle school for a short time before they take their key stage 2 tests and will still have a number of years left at the school. This should be taken into account when comparing their results to schools which start educating their pupils from the beginning of key stage 1."






Alongside teacher assessments we also use the nationally standardised GL Progress Tests in English and Maths. The results of these help validate our own assessments, with the performance of our pupils measured against the performance of pupils completing the same tests across the country.
These results indicate that in both English and Maths, that pupils’ outcomes at Selwood academy are significantly higher than the national average:

Year 7 English 2019:

Year 8 English 2019:

Year 7 Maths 2019

Year 8 Maths 2019










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