“Where words fail, music speaks.” ― Hans Christian Andersen

Selwood Academy’s music curriculum is based on the Musical Futures model: a very practical approach that promotes non-formal and informal learning to develop vocal and instrumental skills.


We will:

  • Work through a variety of non-formal and informal teaching and learning styles, ensuring that pupils' individual learning needs are met.
  • Motivate pupils by exploring personal musical interests before moving them into other musical and learning styles.
  • Make use of aural learning, which fully integrates listening with practical music making, improvising and composing.
  • Act as facilitators through showing, guiding and modelling rather than telling.
  • Enable pupils to act as peer leaders.
  • Ensure that technique, notation and other forms of written instruction is part of the process, but rarely the starting point.


See the Curriculum Guide for more detail on the topics we teach

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