Homework arrangements 

  • No more than 30mins per evening at KS2.
  • No more than 1hr at KS3.
  • All homework will have 1 week for completion.
  • Maths, English, Science, Humanities and Languages will set regular homework at KS3.
  • Homework will be set regularly in English and Maths at KS2.
  • Other subjects may set enrichment, extension or retrieval homework when it supports learning.
  • Should pupils be set more than one homework on one day, it is up to the pupil to organise their time during the week to make sure deadlines are not missed.
  • It is at the discretion of the teacher when homework should be set, according to their own work schedule.
  • It is at the discretion of the teacher (depending on the nature of the homework) to offer a ‘day’s grace’ if the deadline is missed.
  • Teachers will monitor homework completion by their classes. Persistent homework failure will be tracked. We will monitor and support repeated failures to complete homework within their faculty and will take steps to support young people who are unable to complete their work.

Google Classroom:

All teachers will make homework available on Google Classroom. Pupils may be asked to complete online activities such as creating documents or completing quizzes and this will be made clear to them.

It is important to let teachers know if it is not possible to complete homework online. Teachers will then provide a printed version of the homework for pupils to complete.

Spaced Retrieval:

Homework often prioritises recall and retrieval exercises. This helps pupils to rehearse and strengthen knowledge and retention of learning. Spaced retrieval is a memory technique that helps people recall information over a progressively longer period of time. We know that this helps support pupils’ longer-term recall of knowledge and ideas and therefore allows them to be more successful in their learning over time.

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