Let your light shine before others’ is the mission of Selwood Academy, a dedication to hard work, aspiration for all, success and care for others. 


During Summer school 2021, Jamie Prouse, teacher at Selwood Academy, decided to work on the theme of the Japanese Olympics. As a mark of kindness and as a legacy to the community of Frome, he decided to buy four well-established Japanese Cherry trees and donate three to benefit the wider community of Frome for the benefit of all now and for years to come. 


The trees remind Mr Prouse of a burning torch (when in full bloom), truly lighting up its environment and bringing joy to all who see it. 


Each tree is named after one of our four key school values: Hope, Wisdom, Community and Joy. 


Should you wish to see these beautiful trees in Frome, each has been planted in a location where their presence will hopefully bring pleasure and appreciation, in reflection of the value that the area holds within the community. 

‘Hope’ is situated at Belmont Villa Care home, continuing and revitalising a cherished partnership between the care home and school that has existed for the past ten years. 


‘Wisdom’ resides proudly in the grounds of Selwood and will act as a proud reminder of the beauty of growth and care in life for all those whose visit and journey through the school. 


‘Joy’ can be found at Frome Community Hospital, providing a strong reminder of happiness and the value of each and every person. A symbol to welcome those arriving, and a pleasant reminder for those departing. 


And finally, ‘Community’ can be found in the wonderful natural space of Victoria park, residing at the pinnacle of a magnificent triangle of cherry trees that will gradually grow together, bringing a spirit of togetherness and delight to all those who visit and spend time there. 


This project was founded upon a strong desire to build relationships and in representation of the care that Selwood Academy has for our town. We strive to have meaningful and positive impacts on the people and wildlife that live here, not only now, but in a lasting legacy for the many generations of the future. 


Mr Prouse, the visionary for this project worked in partnership with the town council, local rangers Mark and Dave, ‘Wild about Trees,’ Helen Viner, Melissa Book (Frome Hospital) & Sharon Welsh (Belmont Villas). We all hope that these four beautiful trees add real value to people's lives throughout the town and serve as a memory to mutual values, respect and care.